Security Door Renaissance

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1. This High Security Steel Door is made of two 1.25-mm (0.049'') thick galvanised steel casings. Vertical steel bars placed between the casings and welded at over 200 different points reinforcing the door leaf. The number of vertical steel bars depends on the leaf width.

2. The space between the casings and crossbars are filled with polystyrene foam or rock wool to provide thermal and acoustic insulation.

3. The door is manufactured in widths from 300 mm (11.811'') to 1080 mm (3' 6.519'') in increments of 20 mm (0.787'') and heights from 1680 mm (5' 6.141'') to 2310 mm (7' 6.944'') in increments of 70mm (2.755''), minimum 50mm.

4. An adjustable bottom insert is installed into the bottom of the leaf, allowing the leaf length to be adjusted during installation for complete peripheral sealing.

5. The door leaf is 50 mm (1.968'') thick.

6. The standard door leaf weights approx. 50 kg (110 Ibs).

Lock and hardware:
A 4-way door lock model 265, having four (4) 10mm (0.393'') front bolts, and a spring-loaded latch.
The lock also activates upper and rear 13mm (0.511'') bolts and a lower 13mm (0.511") bolt mechanism.
High security MUL-T-LOCK cylinder with 5 keys and card. This ensures that only the person owning the card can get a duplicate key. A tempered cylinder protector preventing picking and drilling as well as forcing of the lock cylinder.
In the locking position, geometric locking is achieved. The bolts are independent, forcing one will not affect the others and neither will cause the opening of the lock system by push/pressure on a bolts head.

Construction frame

Construction frame:

This frame is made of 1.5-mm (0.059'') thick galvanised steel'' and is mounted directly into the wall, usually during construction work, by cementing it to the walls of the building structure (*Also available with 1.25-mm (0.049'') thick steel sheet coated with vinyl on one side, and galvanised on the other). Upon completion of the construction work, the door can be hung onto the frame.



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